Your Menstrual Cycle is the direct line to your Feminine Soul. When honoured it is your most treasured gift and intimate ally – a beautiful, unfolding process, allowing you to be evolved and initiated into your power and calling in the world.

Stress, premenstrual symptoms, irregular cycles, period pain and subfertility can all be signs that a woman’s spirit is struggling with the pressures in our world to ignore and suppress the natural rhythms of our Feminine nature.

Seasons of a Woman is a space for you to explore and deepen into the power of your menstrual cycle… to reclaim your own unique rhythm and connection to your personal source of wisdom.

My Offerings …

A sacred space for you to step inside your own menstrual process and connect with your own innate healing and unfolding feminine wisdom

Womb Blessings and healing for women who want to create a strong connection with the Sacred Feminine within.

The benefits of charting my cycle and understanding when to withdraw and when to advance have been such enabling processes that will stay with me forever. Receiving the womb blessings and after care treatments have cured all PMS and pain during my bleeds, something I would not have thought possible.
Fiona Winter


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