As a menstruating woman living in our modern world, I truly understand the pain, exhaustion and utter indignation that can come with living in a culture that denies the gifts of our femininity and cyclic nature. Practicing menstrual cycle awareness has allowed me to reclaim a deep sense of wholeness and authenticity, arising from a place of loving and affirming my own womanhood.

At Seasons of a Woman I offer a space for you to explore the deeper truths of the challenges you may be experiencing in your cycle, and gain insight into how you can harness the power and potential they hold.

Through a combination of the practice of menstrual cycle awareness and the deep insight of the Menstrual Medicine Circle process (see box below) you will align with your own deep source of feminine wisdom, feeling supported to create a life that feels authentic and allows you to offer the gifts of your own unique feminine essence to the world..

Menstrual Medicine Circle

The Menstrual Medicine Circle process, developed by Red School, creates a sacred container for you to step inside the field of your own menstrual consciousness. With clear intention you will be guided as you witness and engage with your own unique energetic flow. You will be supported as you explore the inner seasons and archetypes of your monthly or life cycle, receiving medicine from your own deep source of wisdom.

This process allows you to restore the natural order of your cycle and grounds you deeply within your own process.

The Menstrual Medicine Circle is so deep and powerful and yet Amber holds you gently and tenderly, holding the space with grace so you feel safe and secure in the process. She is a natural intuitive and brings that out in the women she works with. I would call her a Womb Whisperer and Listener!

Rachael Hertogs

Moon Times


I offer 3 and 6 month packages. This container of time allows space for you to feel deeply rooted in your process and supports healing and clarity to unfold.

As a Red School Mentor, I also create bespoke packages which support your rewilding journey alongside Red School’s online programmes and their widely acclaimed new book, Wild Power.

Once you have completed an initial package with me, I am available to offer top up Menstrual Medicine Circles and one-off mentoring sessions.

I also offer Menstrual Medicine Circles and one-off mentoring sessions to all women who have completed Red School’s Women’s Quest Apprenticeship.


Seasons of a Woman 3 Month Package £210

Seasons of a Woman 6 Month Package £400

Top-up Menstrual Medicine Circles £70

Individual Mentoring Sessions £70

(Concessions Available)

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