I’m a Mama, a Moon Gazer and Menstruality Mentor, amongst many other things. I’m a dreamer, deeply sensitive,I love to move slowly and spend time doing absolutely nothing…a rarity these days with two young children.

I’m a Healer, a Moon Mother. I feel the rhythm of the moon and earth in my soul.

I’m a daughter, I’m a sister, I’m a friend, I’m a single parent. I’m a woman in circle.

Born in Australia, I have followed the calling of my ancestral line to the beautiful wilds of West Wales, where I feel a connection with the land deep in my bones.

I’m emotional, I can be messy. I make a lot of mistakes. I know pain, I know loss, I’m on  intimate terms with rage and grief.

I know the ache of a woman feeling deeply unfulfilled and the courage it takes to create the changes she knows are necessary deep in her soul.

I know how painful and exhausting it can feel as you reclaim your soul skin. I also know the sweet sense of peace that comes with a life that is truly and authentically your own.

I am Woman. I am cyclic. After many years engaged with my own menstrual process, it is a great honour to mentor women as they deepen into their own journey.

I have such love and gratitude for those women I have learned from along the way. I hold dear in my heart the teachings and visionary leadership of Red School’s Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. I also have such deep gratitude for my initiatory journey as an Advanced Moon Mother with Miranda Gray. Thankyou for supporting me to realise my own power and essence I now offer as gifts to the world.
Amber’s approach combines sensitivity, compassion and gentleness, with a gift for asking the right questions at just the right time. Her integrity, courage and willingness to leap into the unknown, because she knows that it is the right thing to do, inspires me more than I can ever say.
Nia True

Tarot Reader

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