Each month the inner rhythm of our menstrual cycle evolves us through the ebb and flow of four different energy phases. It is our nature as women to be everchanging. We mirror the seasons of the earth and the phases of the moon. To reclaim the true power of our cyclic nature can be the most healing and empowering journey of a woman’s life.

At Seasons of a Woman I offer…

A space to come into deeper understanding of how everyday pressures in our world deny the natural flow of our monthly rhythm, creating stress, premenstrual difficulties and menstrual pain. Menstrual Cycle Awareness can be your key to healing. It opens a doorway to a nourishing, supportive and sustainable way of life for a woman.

A space that allows you to deepen into the phases you move through as a woman, supporting you feel confident and strong in your feminine power and self worth.

A space where you can allow the unwanted layers, veils, patterns and roles assumed in our culture as Woman to drop away and step into your true authenticity.

Amber has an incredible ability to hold space gently, yet strongly, so that you feel totally safe to express, delve deep & let go. She ‘switched my light on’ to cycle work & it has truly changed my life. She runs so deep, clear & true. Pure magic!
Su Guest

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